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  1. I think the Spark from Star Wars the last Jedi should have been nominated for best composition of the year – it’s a great album in its entirety but many themes have been heard previously in the Finale where The Spark is a most original piece of music mending to a more oriental musical feeling of that part of the score

  2. What great and diverse choices. It will be interesting to see who wins each category.

  3. my best music scores of 2017 & albums released in 2017 :

    best cinema scores :

    war for the planet of the apes – michael giacchino
    beauty and the beast(deluxe edition) – alan menken
    darkest hour – dario marianelli

    san pietro e le basiliche papali di roma – matteo curallo
    cello – randy kerber
    phantom thread – jonny greenwood
    the exception – ilan eshkeri
    the mountain between us – ramin djawadi
    viceroy’s house – a.r. rahman
    sage femme – gregoire hetzel
    the death of stalin – christopher willis

    born in china – barnaby taylor
    raffaello, il principe delle arti – matteo curallo
    rebel in the rye – bear mccreary
    passage to dawn – diego navarro
    churchill – lorne balfe
    coco – michael giacchino
    jane – philip glass
    red de libertad – oscar martin leanizbarrutia
    earth : one amazing day – alex heffes
    bernabeu – antonio fernandez ruiz

    best television scores, video games scores & other albums :

    la mascarade – lowie wolf hoeyberghs
    seirei no mamoribito season 3 – naoki sato
    rime(spanish edition) – david garcia diaz

    so let us melt – jessica curry
    the flying lotus – a.r. rahman
    la sonata del silencio – cesar benito
    onna joushu naotora vol. 1 – yoko kanno
    three worlds : music from woolf works – max richter
    kingdom – anna connelly
    get even – olivier deriviere
    fargo season 3 – jeff russo
    valkyria : azure revolution – yasunori mistuda
    between the dusk of a summer night – sebastian zawadzki

    frontier – adam crystal
    howards end – nico muhly
    stellaris utopia – andreas waldetoft

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