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  1. No nominations for James Newton Howard? I thought his Hunger Games Catching Fire Score was brilliant.

  2. As always a very balanced and extensively list of worthy nominations! Great to see so many composers – known and less known – get nominated for these prestigious awards. -Joris-

  3. Wow! Very good nominations. Korzeniowski was, in my view, the top composer of the year, and “Escape from tomorrow”, the best score. It’s a relief to know that experts share my humble opinion! Congratulations to the association, and good luck to all the nominated composers.

  4. Why in God’s name was Michael Giacchino’s score nominated? There is absolutely nothing memorable about a single bar that he has composed for either of Abrams’ Star Trek films; but then, there’s nothing remotely memorable about those films in general. Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and even Cliff Eidelman were far superior composers, and in whose company Giacchino will never belong.

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