Any composer, composer representative (PR agency, agent), representative of a film, or representative of a record label can submit scores for consideration for the IFMCA Awards.

The following rules apply:

1. To be eligible for the awards, the work must be for a feature film (50+ minutes), a television show or mini-series, or a video game, belonging to one of our corresponding awards categories. For more information about the categories, please use the most recent awards archive entry at as a guide.

2. Scores for films become eligible when the project for which it was written plays in a cinema, streams on a recognized online global streaming platform (such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, etc.), is released straight-to-DVD/Blu-Ray, is released straight-to-VOD, or (in the case of one-off TV movies) is broadcast, in one of the IFMCA’s recognized media markets listed below. Scores for films which have only been shown at film festivals, and have not yet received any wider distribution in public cinemas, do not become not eligible until they play a commercial run.

3. Scores for episodic television shows, mini-series, and streaming series become eligible when the last episode of the most recent season of the project for which it was written is broadcast on television in one of the IFMCA’s recognized media markets listed below, or streams on a recognized online global streaming platform such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

4. Scores for video games become eligible when the project for which it was written is released for purchase or download by the public.

5. Archival releases become eligible when the album is released for purchase or download by the public. However, there is a 5-year cutoff period for archival releases based on the the year the original project was released. For example, in 2020, only archival releases of scores for films originally released in 2015 or earlier would be eligible. For 2021, the cutoff year is 2016, and so on. This is to make sure that the albums considered are in fact properly curated archival albums, and not simply delayed releases of a standard soundtrack.

6. Scores for short films (less than 50 minutes), classical and concept albums, music for theme park attractions, scores that accompany books, music for art installations, or other non-standard projects, may be eligible for a special award, and will be considered by the IFMCA as appropriate.

In all cases, the release date of a soundtrack album is immaterial. It is the release date of the film (or TV show, or game) itself that determines its eligibility status.

Each awards season runs from January 1-December 31.

The IFMCA’s media markets are:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
  • Bollywood (India, Pakistan, etc.)
  • East Asia (China, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Eastern Europe (Baltic countries, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, etc.)
  • France
  • Germany (incl. Austria and Switzerland)
  • Italy
  • Middle East and North Africa (Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, etc.)
  • Scandinavia/Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)
  • Southern Europe (Balkan countries, Greece, Romania, Turkey, etc.)
  • Spain and Portugal (incl. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, other countries in South and Central America)
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • USA and Canada

Music can be submitted, along with any relevant PR material, via The music must be in a widely used digital audio format, such as a good quality (256+kbps) mp3, and the promo material in either jpeg, text, doc, or pdf.

Please ensure you have permission to promotionally distribute any release you wish to submit to us. For further information please contact us at