David Doncel BartheDavid Doncel Barthe, BSO Spirit (Spain)
David is the co-founder of BSOSpirit, one of the more well-known Spanish websites about soundtracks, created in 2001. David is also the film music editor of the Spanish “Sci Fi World” magazine and the director of the Film Music Festival “Ciudad de Ubeda”.

John BenderJohn Bender, freelance (USA)
John is a freelance film music journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His earliest memories of pleasures from life on Earth involve television and film, and the music for both. As a student he pursued education in the visual Fine Arts and earned his MFA from Yale University. Following graduation he worked in a wide variety of capacities, including fine artist (painter), museum curator, art critic, gallery director, arts guild presidency, university instructor and lecturer, graphic artist, freelance editor, and film lecturer. In the early 1990s, and without any expectations, John began writing about film music (he has been a life-long collector and connoisseur). He feels very fortunate that this pursuit blossomed into a fulfilling and consistent avenue of personal expression, and he freely confesses to be enjoying every minute of it. His work, which focuses on the Silver Age, has appeared in Soundtrack!, Variety, European Trash Cinema, Video Watchdog, and Film Score Monthly. He was the first journalist to publish English interviews with Edda dell’Orso and Peter Thomas. The connection to film music has, over the years, provided glorious opportunities, including new friendships, travel (Europe), the experience of meeting many great artists, and the honor of providing notes for a number of top-ranked and beloved film scores. His philosophical bearing as an enthusiastic film music writer is to enlighten and educate, both with the singular intent of promoting informed appreciation of the medium.

Basil BoehniBasil Boehni, CinemaMusica (Switzerland)
Basil has been a freelance journalist for several film and film music related magazines, news papers and online pages (CinemaMusica, Film Music Journal, Neue Luzerner Zeitung) since 2005. Since 2006 he has been involved with the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra (21st Century Productions), supporting them as Program Advisor, and with them he has been involved in several high profile projects with composers like Howard Shore, Randy Newman, George Fenton, Randy Edelman, Andrew Powell, Patrick Kirst and Klaus Badelt, organizing and supporting several world premieres and concert series. Basil is about to finish his studies in media science, film science and economics (Management & Economics) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He lives in Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Soundtrack Net (USA)
Mike has been a reviewer and writer for SoundtrackNet since 2004, and has conducted many composer interviews and other articles for the site. He is a graduate student in oceanography at the University of Rhode Island.

Ley BricknellLey Bricknell, Filmic (UK)
Ley, a lifelong film and movie music enthusiast and collector of vinyl soundtracks, has spent her professional life in publishing and is currently a Sales & Marketing Director for an American publisher in the arts sector. She has also worked in radio for over 20 years, in managerial, broadcasting and training roles. Ley also writes and presents a monthly movie music show called Filmic that has been on air since 2009. It was the music of John Barry that was to blame for Ley’s obsession with film scores and in 1998 she contributed to the book John Barry A Life In Music. Ley regularly reviews soundtracks on her blog.

Jon BroxtonJonathan Broxton, Movie Music UK (USA)
President; Regional Co-Ordinator for USA (West)
Jon is a film music critic and journalist, who since 1997 has been the editor and chief reviewer for Movie Music UK, one of the world’s most popular English-language film music websites. Over the last 15 years Jon has written over 2,500 reviews and articles and conducted numerous composer interviews. In print, Jon has written reviews and articles for publications such as Film Score Monthly, Soundtrack Magazine and Music from the Movies, and has written liner notes for two of Prometheus Records’ classic Basil Poledouris score releases, “Amanda” and “Flyers/Fire on the Mountain”. He also contributed a chapter to Tom Hoover’s book “Soundtrack Nation: Interviews with Today’s Top Professionals in Film, Videogame, and Television Scoring”, published in 2011.  In the late 1990s Jon was a film music consultant to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London, and worked with them on the films “Relative Values” with music by John Debney, and “The Ring of the Buddha” with music by Oliver Heise, as well as on a series of concerts with Randy Newman. In 2012, Jon chaired one of the “festival academies” at the 5th Annual Film Music Festival in Krakow, Poland. Originally from Sheffield in England, he currently lives and works in Thousand Oaks, California.

Tim BurdenTim Burden , Film Score Monthly (Northern Ireland)
Regional Co-Ordinator for the United Kingdom
Tim has been working with Film Score Monthly since 2007 and is a broadcaster and film correspondent for the Northern Media Group in Ireland ( He has worked within cinema management for Warner Bros. Village Roadshow & home entertainment distribution for Blockbuster and provides voice overs for various media formats. Tim also hosts Q&A’s and screenings for local film festivals.

Mikael Carlsson (Sweden)
Honorary President
Mikael is a soundtrack producer, composer and former film music journalist who took the initiative to form the International Film Music Critics Association. Born in 1971, Mikael is the owner of acclaimed soundtrack company MovieScore Media and has produced over 120 score albums. He recently launched a new soundtrack label devoted exclusively to horror film music, Screamworks Records. As a composer, Mikael concentrates his efforts on concert music and recently had his first album, “Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson,” released. With 20 years of experience in film music, Mikael is also frequently hired as as a consultant, concert producer and film music lecturer. He lives with Lina and Elmer in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Demetris ChristodoulidesDemetris Christodoulides, Score Magacine (Cyprus/Greece)
Membership Committee Co-ordinator
Demetris is a Greek-Cypriot musicologist, currently a working sound engineer and video recordist and editor. He has a bachelor degree in Musicology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Fine Arts, Music Department as well as a thesis on Surround and 3D sound systems. He is currently studying for a Master’s Degree at the same university, department of Mechanical and Computer Engineering, on “Audio and Video Technologies for the production and education”. As a film music journalist and reviewer, he has been the publicist, international affairs coordinator and member of the organization committee of Soncinemad – Madrid International Film Music Festival during the years 2006-2007 as well as reviewer and news blog editor of During the current year, he has been teaching Film / Radio / Tv and Theater Sound and Music at Colleges in his hometown, Thessaloniki, Greece. His newer reviews are mainly featured in

Jocelyn ClarkeJocelyn Clarke, Irish Times (Ireland)
Jocelyn is a freelance dramaturg and writer. He is a creative advisor on the ScreenWriting programme at National Film School in Ireland as well as a member of the artistic staff of the Sundance Institute’s Theatre Lab in the U.S. He is a film music critic with The Irish Times (, Ireland’s leading daily national newspaper in Ireland.

Christian ClemmensenChristian Clemmensen, Filmtracks (USA)
Christian was raised in a household friendly to film music, his father an avid collector since the 1960′s. A decade of formal piano training as a youth led to countless performances of famous movie themes in concert. While earning a B.A. in Business Communications and English at the University of Montana, he worked at internet service providers and combined his passion for film music, technology, and writing into his first online soundtrack reviews in 1995. Evolving into in 1996, his site became a popular and controversial portal between film music and mainstream movie-goers. After receiving an M.A. in Speechwriting and Technical Communications in 2000 from the University of Washington in Seattle, Christian settled down with his family in Missoula, Montana, the original home of Filmtracks. By 2010, the site featured 1.5 million words of review content (covering 1,700 soundtrack albums) and had been visited over 100 million times.

Christopher ColemanChristopher Coleman, TrackSounds (USA)
Christopher, a lifelong movie and video game enthusiast, launched the soundtrack website, Tracksounds, in 1997 as a meager site on Geocites. Built upon soundtrack reviews, interviews, and other special features, the site remains dedicated to the original music from film, television, video games and production music. Launching the SoundCast (Podcast in 2008), he remains the show’s host and producer. The podcast reflects the same sensibilities of the site, Tracksounds, in covering the soundtrack genre through panel reviews, topical discussions, and interviews with composers and other industry professional.

Erin Veronica CorradoErin Veronica Corrado, One Movie Five Views (Canada)
Erin is a writer/filmmaker, and the co-founder of the entertainment website One Movie Five Views, which covers everything film-related from movies, to books, to soundtracks. On the music side of things, Erin started playing piano at age 3, has composed music for her own short films, and holds a Grade 9 piano certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She currently works mainly as a freelance writer, and enjoys experimenting in several writing mediums, including screenwriting. On the filmmaking side of things, she is currently directing a documentary about Autism Service Dogs – which she plans to write the score for as well.

Paul CotePaul Cote, Cinemusic (USA)
Paul is a PhD student at the University of Maryland in College Park. He is currently working on a dissertation that explores the way music in children’s films teaches us listening practices that we retain as adult film-goers. You can read his current film-music criticism at his blog, Movie Music Musings ( He has also been a regular contributor to since 2003.

Joep de Bruijn, Main Titles (Netherlands)
Joep has been writing about film music for a variety of websites since 2002. He currently writes reviews and articles for and is Dutch film music correspondent for He has also been working as temp score/ film music advisor on several Dutch feature films, short films and a television program. Joep currently lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Bregt de LangeBregt De Lange, Main Titles (Belgium)
Webmaster and Technical Support
Bregt started with the review website, which ran for 6 years, until he and other IFMCA member Thomas Glorieux started in 2007, at which the former community found its new home. Bregt maintains several film music related websites. In addition, he also supports and takes part in the promotion of the Film Festival of Ghent and the World Soundtrack Awards. Bregt helps with the administration and hosting of the IFMCA website, but he is not involved in the voting process.

Cédric DeleléeCédric Delelée, Mad Movies (France)
Since 1999, Cédric has been a professional film journalist for the French magazines Mad Movies and Impact, where he also runs the film music columns. He began to write about film music in 1989 in the magazine L’ Ecran Fantastique, joined the French edition of Soundtrack in 1992 and occasionally contributes to the French website Underscores. Specialized in period epics, genre movies and 80′s film music, he has written hundreds of score reviews and conducted many interviews with directors and composers.

Olivier DebrossesOlivier Desbrosses, Underscores (France)
Regional Co-Ordinator for France
It was with John Williams’ Star Wars in 1977 that Olivier discovered film music, a passion that has continued growing since that day. After undertaking filmmaking studies, Olivier directed several short movies before turning to journalism, first in the fanzine world then later for regular magazines like Mad Movies. In 2008, Olivier created UnderScores, the number one French online magazine dedicated to film music, for which he still works today as editor in chief.

Clark DouglasClark Douglas, Movie Music UK & WHIE Radio (USA)
Clark has hosted the film music radio program “The Sounds and Sights of Cinema” since 2004, which spotlights film music of yesterday and today. In 2008, the show became available in podcast form as part of the “DVD Verdict Presents” series of online programs. He has also conducted many interviews with composers and others from the film music community. He writes film music reviews for Movie Music UK in addition to writing DVD reviews for DVD Verdict. He is currently the station manager of WHIE Radio in Griffin, Georgia.

Panos GkenasPanos Gkenas, Avopolis (Greece)
Panos is the chief film music reviewer for, the biggest music site in Greece. When he was 3, John Williams and a light-fingered alien showed him the way. Panos and his interest for movies grew up together, and he began writing about film music in 2001. He worked as a film critic for free-press magazines and as a director for short films, supervised video installations and theatre productions as a musical consultant, and is currently working with “The Mitsos Company”, an art group consisting of film directors, actors and dancers, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thomas GlorieuxThomas Glorieux, Main Titles (Belgium)
Thomas has been a reviewer for since 2007. Before that, he hosted and reviewed soundtracks on his site Radio Soundtrack FM for seven years. He has also interviewed several composers, exclusively for MainTitles, in correspondence with the Ghent Film Festival. Thomas lives in Belgium, and works for an insurance company.

Dan GoldwasserDan Goldwasser, Soundtrack Net (USA)
As editor-in-chief of SoundtrackNet for over ten years, Dan has been heavily involved in the film music industry, writing articles, reviews, and interviewing many of the industry’s top composers. In 2008 he launched, the only Internet destination that provides exclusive coverage of Hollywood’s orchestral recording sessions. When he isn’t covering the film music industry, he designs websites for Warm Butter Design, whose primary clientele includes many of Hollywood’s film composers. Additionally, he writes liner notes for La-La Land Records and Prometheus Records, and has recently gotten into soundtrack producing, with his first release of “Blazing Saddles”, and is currently working on a much requested score that will be announced shortly.

Florent GroultFlorent Groult, Underscores (France)
Regional Co-Ordinator for France
Born 1974 in Normandy, educated within a classical music environment, keen on orchestral music for a long time and fascinated by the magic of cinema from age 8 after the discovering of three masterpieces (King Kong, Forbidden Planet and Jaws), Florent combined his passions at the beginning of 90’s, attracted by the alliance between music and image. Soon he joined the French association Cinéscores, contributing to its fanzine and radio programme (1995-1999) and then he took a active part in the creation and the activities of association Colonne Sonore/L’Ecran Musical (1999-2003). In 2008, he initiated and co-founded French webzine Underscores – le magazine de la musique de film (the film music magazine) for which he invests himself until today as vice-chief editor. In 2011, Florent wrote his first liner notes for French label Music Box Records and contributed to the collective book John Williams: Un Alchimiste Musical (L’Harmattan Editions).

ThorThor Joachim Haga, Montages and Celluloid Tunes (Norway)
Regional Co-ordinator for Scandinavia
Thor is a staff writer and film music specialist at It’s the only publication in Norway that has articles about film music, composer interviews etc. on a regular basis. He’s also the host and editor of, Norway’s first and only webcast about film music. Additionally, he’s a freelance journalist for international film music publications, including LA-based Film Score Monthly. He is a member of the Norwegian Film Critic Society, a subsidiary of the international FIPRESCI organization, and a former Assistant Professor in Media Studies at the University of Oslo where he wrote his masters thesis on film music.

Roger HallRoger L. Hall, Film Music Review (USA)
Roger is a film music historian, educator, composer and critic and has been the editor-in-chief of Film Music Review since its beginnings as an online e-zine in 1998. A writer of numerous reviews, articles and interviews, including for Film Score Monthly and Soundtrack Magazine, he is the author of the reference book, “A Guide to Film Music: Songs and Scores“, first published in 1997, and updated every few years. For over twenty years, Roger has been selecting what he considers the best film music CD releases of each year for his Sammy Awards. He has also taught film music courses in college and adult education programs, and composed music and produced programs for radio and cable television.

Bob den HartogBob den Hartog, MoviEmotion (Netherlands)
Bob has been writing about film and film scores for online the film magazine MoviEmotion (formerly DVD-Club), since 2005; he began working on the site as a contributor, writing numerous ‘background articles’ on film, and is now chief editor at the site. Bob has also worked as a programming and production assistant for the 23rd Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. He studied communication management, with journalism as a minor.

Sergio HardasmalSergio Hardasmal (Spain)
Writing about movies and his music for years, Sergio ran a printed magazine called Film Music (the Spanish edition of Film Score Monthly). He was member of sites as BSOSpirit, Filmica or Estrellas en La Noche, among others. He also was member of Ubeda International Film Music Conference and made layouts for some printed magazines. Sergio also participates in radio and TV shows about movies in Malaga, Spain, and writes the soundtracks pages for a veteran Spanish printed magazine called Accion Cine Video.

Kees HogenbirkKees Hogenbirk, Concertzender (Netherlands)
Membership Committee Co-ordinator
Kees started writing soundtrack reviews, score analyses and interviews with composers for a variety of Dutch newspapers and magazines during his university studies of History. From 1978 to 1992 he was an editor of Score, formerly the newsletter of the Max Steiner Music Society, and from 1997 to 2009 of Skrien, Holland’s most analytical film monthly. With his Masters in Art History, Kees is also an art journalist, specializing in the relation between vision and sound. In 1995 he started his (still ongoing) series ‘The Sound of Movies’ for the independent radio broadcaster De Concertzender. He is a member of the Circle of Dutch Film Journalists (KNF), based in Amsterdam.

Tom HooverTom Hoover, Scorenotes (USA)
Tom serves as producer, reviewer, and host for the multiple content features that are available on ScoreNotes, a site that was created to celebrate and promote the world of film, television and video game music. Established in 2005, the site has gained notoriety for the ongoing Composer Interview series (in audio), Film Music Suites, and the regularly updated Soundtrack Reviews.

Ryan KeaveneyRyan Keaveney, Cinemusic (Canada)
For 10 years Ryan has designed, written for and edited the film music review site Since 1996, through his design company, he has created evocative websites on the work of film composers Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, Marc Shaiman, Brian Tyler, Elliot Goldenthal, Christopher Lennertz and many others. He wrote liner notes for La-La Land Records’ release of Brian Tyler’s cult-favorite “Terror Tract”, and is available to write notes for an inevitable release of Jerry Goldsmith’s “Gremlins”. Ryan spent 8 years in the Toronto film and television industry as an assistant, most recently in 2008 when he assisted director Jaume Collet-Serra on the Warner Bros./Silver Pictures thriller “Orphan”. He currently works in the interactive department for Corus Entertainment in Toronto, Canada.

Steven KennedySteven Kennedy, Cinemusical (USA)
Steve is a composer, music critic, performer, educator, and freelance writer. He has written reviews, articles, and interviews for Film Score Monthly, regularly contributes to Roger Hall’s Film Music Review, and hosts his own blog Cinemusical. He has also written for Music4Games. Steve’s selections of the best film music have appeared at Roger Hall’s site over the last decade. He has taught music in college, worked as a radio programmer/producer/announcer, and performs locally. His original music is published at

Thomas KiefnerThomas Kiefner, Golden Scores (USA)
Tom was born in 1947 and is an avid collector of film music, soundtracks, films, and Russian classical music. Passionate and determined, Tom an audiophile is the same man who would then take apart the speaker at the drive-in theater and record the audio and who would later build his own amplifier from scratch. Via a McIntosh amplifier, AR turntable, Teac recorder, and Klipsch speakers he would become addicted in achieving the perfect sound as well as amassing an out of control collection of material. After many years as a successful photo store manager and major health issues he’s overcome, he’s now devoting much time and efforts in listening and reviewing material. He owns and runs the Film Music: A Neglected Art website, publishing articles in Film Score Monthly and Maintitles. He’s also a and writer and reviewer for Naxos, the largest distributor of classical music in the world. He’s working on books about soundtracks and Russian classical material. As a collector, his favorite film score is “The Best Years of Our Lives.” His favorite classical recording is “Scheherazade.”

Kevin KoltzKevin Koltz, AETN/A&E Television Networks (USA)
Kevin is an award winning producer, writer and director with nearly a quarter century experience in the television industry. Specializing in productions dealing with fostering the promotion of the arts, film, motion picture history and music in film, he is currently employed with AETN assigned to the Biography series for A&E and The Biography Channel. Other series while at AETN include Our Generation and Reel to Real for The History Channel and the long running Breakfast with the Arts which profiled artists, personalities and trends impacting music, theater, film and fine arts. In addition to series work, he also developed and produced a number of original film-themed specials which include The Amazing World of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Visionary Storytelling: Computer Animation and Beyond and the annual And the Nominees Are…Academy Award specials. He has been a passionate collector of film music since the early 70s, but can trace his love of film music to his first film going experience, 1967’s The Jungle Book.

Randall LarsonRandall Larson, Soundtrax, Musique Fantastique (USA)
Randall has been writing about film music for more than 40 years. He currently writes a regular film music interview/review column for, and has written nearly 200 liner note commentaries for specialty soundtrack album releases for labels such as BSX, La-La Land, Quartet, Perseverance, and others.  In the 1980s, Larson edited and published CinemaScore: The Film Music Journal, which eventually merged with Soundtrack Magazine, for which Larson served as senior editor until its demise in 2002. Larson is the author of hundreds of articles in fields as diverse as music, fantasy and horror fiction literature, and has authored several books on these topics.  He specializes in examining music in science fiction, horror and fantasy films.

Craig Richard LysyCraig Richard Lysy, Movie Music UK (USA)
Craig started collecting in earnest in 1980 and has never turned back. At the prodding of his dear friend and fellow Los Angelino Jon Broxton he joined his website Movie Music UK with a mission to bring Golden and Silver Age scores to its readership. Craig loves the sensibilities of these ages which bear an amazing treasure trove of extraordinary scores.

John MansellJohn Mansell, Soundtrack: The Cinemascore and Soundtrack Archives (UK)
Born 1955 in the UK. John started his long love affair with film music back in 1963 after watching Lawrence of Arabia, after which he began to collect movie music and is still as passionate about it now as he was when he started to become interested, if not more so. In the early 1970,s he imported LP records from Italy and supplied record shops in London and also Brighton. Started to write reviews in the early days of the Goldsmith society for their fanzine and this led to becoming actively involved with the first incarnation of Music from the Movies. He also wrote regularly for Soundtrack and because of this was commissioned by Derek Elley to write an article and filmography on Ennio Morricone for Variety, which led to him supplying the Variety International Film Guide of 1996 with the entire film music section, this included numerous profiles of film music composers. He has interviewed over 50 composers and still remains active in the area of composer interviews, always attempting to introduce new and young composers to collectors. He interviewed many of the Hammer Horror composers, James Bernard, Harry Robinson, Carlo Martelli, David Whitaker etc and wrote many of the sleeve notes for the GDI Hammer film music series. He has written extensively for various recording labels in Europe and the United States and supplied these with sleeve notes and also photography at recording sessions. He is a regular contributor to the run movies web site and also acts as co-ordinator for that site. His musical tastes vary, Italian, French and other Euro film music figuring large in his collection. But he also has an extensive and diverse collection of film scores (over 5,000) which range from Korngold, Steiner, Barry etc to recent additions such as Daft Punk.

Rubén Franco MenéndezRubén Franco Menéndez, Asturscore (Spain)
Rubén is the co-founder of the web Asturscore, created in August of 2010, and he also participates writing articles in BSOSpirit from autumn of 2006. He has also participated in the International Film Music Festival – Ciudad of Ubeda from it third edition.

Eleni MitsiakiEleni Mitsiaki, Kinetophone and City Lights (Greece)
Eleni studied Musicology in the Music Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki unanimously awarded her Piano Diploma with honours. She is a graduate of Advanced Theory, with degrees in Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Orchestration and Music Composition. She has worked as editor in chief for the portal and has also been a music editor for Muzine, SONIK, Project Amoeba, Pepper music magazines, e-zine and film e-zine. Mesmerized by silent films and the idea of creating an overall musical world for each film and an audiovisual result that you couldn’t have heard back in the silent era, she has been dealing with contemporary practices for their musical re-scoring (she has worked as music editor and compiler of silent film screenings for the  2nd, 3rd and 4th  Silent Film Festival at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Greece) and has given lectures, such as “Silent Films and Music Accompaniment” and “History of Soundtrack”. Since 2008, she is devoted to spreading the love for film music and discovering new film composers, through her personal 2-hour radio show City Lights (weekly on air via and her website Kinetophone, which features her latest articles, reviews and interviews.

Pablo NietoPablo Nieto, Score Magacine (Spain)
Pablo is a lawyer and film music reviewer. He’s also co-founder of Score Magacine, one of the top Spanish film music-dedicated websites created in 2005 with Miguel Angel Ordoñez. Pablo has written hundreds of reviews for and interviewed numerous composers. He was the co-director of the Soncinemad-Madrid Film Music Festival in 2006 and 2007, a large worldwide film music event which has gathered large media attention, film music fans from all over the world and was blessed with concerts and composers’ conferences/seminars and workshops. Those featured bright names like Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Trevor Jones, Christopher Young, Gabriel Yared and Alan Silvestri. Pablo orks for Spanish Film Companies and Spanish film composers as lawyer and legal assistant as well as filmmusic advisor.

Miguel OrdoñezMiguel Ángel Ordóñez, Score Magacine (Spain)
Regional Co-ordinator for Spain
Miguel is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Score Magacine, a Spanish website created in 2005, for which has written hundreds of reviews and interviewed numerous composers. He is the author of articles in Spanish about the life and work of Leonard Rosenman, George Antheil and Toru Takemitsu, collaborates with Music Sales Group (an international group of music publishing companies), and was the co-director of the Soncinemad-Madrid Film Music Festival in 2006 and 2007, an event with concerts and composers’ conferences featuring Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Trevor Jones, Christopher Young, Gabriel Yared and Alan Silvestri.

Massimo PriviteraMassimo Privitera, Colonne Sonore (Italy)
Massimo is a film music journalist from Catania, Sicily, the chief editor of the Italian film music web magazine ColonneSonore, which he founded in 2003. He graduated from the Cinema Laboratory in Rome, and has been works as promoter and copyright editor for Italian media companies such as Mediaset Sky and Channel 5. He has also directed several short films and television programs for TV Mediaset and Rai.

Dimitri RiccioDimitri Riccio, Colonne Sonore (Italy)
Regional Co-ordinator for Italy
Dimitri has written about film music since 1987, first for Soundtrack! magazine, now for several Italian classical music monthlies as film music editor, and for Dimitri also works as an actor, does voice dubbing in films, and is industrial engineer in computer science.

Alan RogersAlan Rogers, Reel Music and (UK)
Born in 1964, Alan was bitten by the film music bug in 1977 when he bought his first film music album: John Williams’ Star Wars. His interest in film music has grown ever since. Alan has been writing about film music for a number of years and has contributed to a number of film review websites. His most recent activity has been as a reviewer for and he has also recently started his own film music blog, Reel Music, where he has written a number of reviews that focus on lesser-known composers/films that receive download-only releases. Alan currently lives in Wales, UK with his wife and two children and works as a freelance consultant to national and international medical device companies.

Johannes RuckstuhlJohannes Ruckstuhl, Film Score Monthly and CamFM (UK)
Johannes has been listening to film music since childhood, initially falling in love with John Williams’ Harry Potter and Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings scores. After writing film and soundtrack reviews on his personal website for several years, he joined “Film Score Monthly” in 2012 as a regular reviewer, contributing several pieces for each issue. He also hosts a weekly radio programme devoted to film music titled “Composing for Picture.” The show is broadcast on CamFM, on terrestrial and also available worldwide via online streaming. Further experience includes seats on film and film music juries at the “Cork Film Festival” and the “Watersprite Film Festival,” as well as contributing pieces on film music to a number of other publications in the UK. Johannes is currently in his final year of study for a degree in English Literature at the University of Cambridge.

Mike RumpfMike Rumpf, Filmmusik 2000 (Germany)
Mike is the editor of the German-language online film music magazine Filmmusik 2000. He has written reviews and articles on current and classic film scores since the year 2000. Mike works as a software developer in Kiel, Germany.

Brian SatterwhiteBrian Satterwhite, Nuance Music/Film Score Focus (USA)
Brian is a professional composer based in Austin, Texas. He holds a degree with dual majors in Film Scoring and Composition from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Over the years, Brian has written scores for over eighty-five short and feature films, and his accolades include seven Gold Medals for Excellence and a Silver Medal from the Park City Film Music Festival, a Bronze Telly Award, and in 2001 Brian was a Finalist in the Young Film Composers Competition sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. Brian is also the producer and host of the Austin film music radio program “Film Score Focus” on 89.5 KMFA and writes extensively for several web sites including his own professional blog, Nuance Music.

Kaya SavasKaya Savas, Film.Music.Media (USA)
Kaya was surrounded by film and film music since he discovered it at the age of 9. He became enthralled by the notion of music and image working together. The first movie he ever saw was Fantasia, and that could explain a lot. In 2009 Kaya founded Film.Music.Media after being a freelance film critic for several years for sites like Since the launch of F.M.M Kaya has written hundreds of reviews and has interviewed more than 100 prolific composers. Kaya graduated from Towson University in 2009 with a BS in Electronic Media & Film and moved to Los Angeles a year later where he currently lives. Besides running Film.Music.Media he is a Digital Assets Specialist contracted at Walt Disney Studios with Bakers Man Productions. Kaya is also an independent filmmaker as well as an avid photographer. To help spread the love and appreciation of film music he occasionally organizes composer signings and covers the red carpet for film premieres and award gatherings.

Daniel SchweigerDaniel Schweiger, iF Magazine/Venice Magazine (USA)
Beyond interviewing composers and reviewing film scores for a variety of print and internet publications over the last twenty years, Daniel also temps with their soundtracks as an editor at Modern Music in Hollywood. Daniel’s many liner note credits include The Day of the Dolphin. Watership Down and Big Trouble In Little China, while his audio interview show “On the Score” can be heard at

Asier G. SenarriagaAsier G. SenarriagaBSO Spirit (Spain)
Asier is a member of the Bsospirit Association, film music reviewer, articulist and interviewer for, one of the more well-known Spanish websites about soundtracks. He has collaborated with printed magazines like Rosebud and Hobb’s Lane, and with the International Film Music Festival City of Úbeda, now currently being celebrated in Córdoba (Spain). He fell in love with film music at a very early age when he discovered the magic of a great symphonic melody during the early eighties, and since then music became the oxygen of his life. His musical interests are wide and eclectic, from the musical wonders of the Golden & Silver Ages to the modern and electronic angle, not forgetting  Jazz, Celtic or Ethnic music, or the impressive and unforgettable works of such titans as Miklós Rózsa, Bernard Herrmann, Henry Mancini , Erich Wofgang Korngold, Alfred Newman,  Elmer Bernstein, John Williams, James Horner, Basil Poledouris, James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Christopher Young, Michael Giacchino, or John Ottman.

David SerongDavid Serong, Cinema Musica (Germany)
David co-founded the Cinema Musica – Europe’s only print magazine for film music – in 2005. Since then he interviewed many of his film music heroes and heard a lot of good music. Apart from his work for Cinema Musica, he works as a freelance film journalist.

Oscar Giminez SerranoOscar Gimenez Serrano, BSO Spirit (Spain)
Oscar is a member of the BSOSpirit staff, a Spanish-language film music website that started in 2001. Oscar is also part of the organzing committee for the annual International Film Music Festival which takes place in Ubeda, Spain, every July since 2005.

Damian SoltysikDamian Soltysik, (Poland)
Damian has been writing about film music since 2003. As an editor of the most popular film music website in Poland,, he writes reviews, articles and reports from important music events in his country. He is a student in administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.

Konstantinos SotiropoulosKonstantinos Sotiropoulos, SoundtrackBeat (Greece)
Konstantinos has been writing reviews and articles about film music since 2002. For eight years, he was chief soundtrack reviewer and editor for, the most interesting internet destination for Greek moviegoers. From December 2006 to May 2007, he co-hosted and co-produced a weekly cinematic radio show, the musical selection of which was exclusively from movie scores and songs. In November 2010 he founded the first Greek site dedicated exclusively to film music, named The noble mission of this site – where he is placing his reviews – is to make a special connection between the average moviegoer and movie music.

James SouthallJames Southall, Movie Wave (UK)
James began writing about film music in 1996, and has rarely paused for breath since. Along with his website, Movie Wave, he has contributed to all the major film music magazines and written liner notes for various soundtrack albums. He currently resides near Bristol in the south west of England but frequently travels to other locations, such as Shrewsbury and Berlin.

Paul StevelmansPaul Stevelmans, Score (Netherlands)
Paul has been writing for Score, the Dutch film music magazine, since 1997, and since 2004 has been its editor-in-chief . Score was first published in 1971 and today is the oldest still-existing film music magazine in the world. Paul also writes CD and book reviews, general articles concerning film music, and conducts regular interviews with Dutch and foreign film composers.

Giuliano TomassacciGiuliano Tomassacci, Colonne Sonore (Italy)
Giuliano is co-editor of the Italian film music website Colonne Sonore. Among his continuative web collaborations, he is a movie critic for and (to which he also contributes soundtrack surveys and columns) and the magazines L‘Acchiappafilm and Spettatore. He has contributed with essays, articles and reviews to Segnocinema and the collector’s magazine Raro!. He currently lives in Rome where he also works as a director of photography and production manager.

Stefanos Tsarouchas Stefanos Tsarouchas, Cinématographe (Germany)
Stefanos war born 1963 in East-Germany to Greek parents. His interest in film music began when he recorded the title song of “Daniel Boone” on his parents’ tape recorder. In the mid 1970s his family moved to West-Berlin. Stefanos was hooked once again on film music, after watching “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977). He was amazed by the “musical” conversation between the humans and the mother ship. Stefanos studied business administration and computer science. He is the editor-in-chief of Cinématographe at Berlin’s radio station 88vier. The program features a mix of film and film music reviews, interviews with directors and composers. Stefanos is a member of the German film critics association (VDFK), a subsidiary of the international FIPRESCI organization.

SSteve Vertliebteve Vertlieb, Film Music Review (USA)
Steve has been writing published articles about films and film music since 1969 in a variety of books, magazines, journals, tabloids, and on the web. He worked in television and radio for fourteen years, performed “voice-over” announcing in both venues, as well as for professional documentaries, and has appeared in films and on television talk show programs as an authority on motion picture history. He has written feature length biographies of Miklos Rozsa, Bernard Herrmann, Orson Welles and Boris Karloff, and has contributed regular soundtrack columns, commenting on motion picture music, for “Cinemacabre Magazine,” and the respected British journal “L’Incroyable Cinema.” He programmed, wrote, and co-hosted a nine day, seventeen film salute to Miklos Rozsa at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theater during the Winter of 2007/2008, during he which he interviewed Juliet Rozsa on stage regarding her illustrious father before a live audience of seven hundred patrons. He wrote and delivered a posthumous life achievement award to Bernard Herrmann at a film conference in Crystal City, Virginia, which was accepted by the composer’s daughter, writer Dorothy Herrmann, and contributed the liner notes for Tadlow Records’ premiere cd recording of Miklos Rozsa’s memorable score for Billy Wilder’s “The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes.” He counted Miklos Rozsa as a personal friend for nearly thirty years, and has known Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Hugo Friedhofer, James Bernard, Lee Holdridge, and Russell Garcia as both friends and correspondents. He was privileged to spend time with John Williams in late August, 2010, back stage at The Hollywood Bowl, following the composer’s sold out concert with The Los Angeles Philharmonic, and continues to write essays on film scores, their history and composers for publishers both on line and in print.

Łukasz WaligorskiŁukasz Waligorski, (Poland)
Regional Co-ordinator for Poland
Łukasz is the reviewer, creator and host of MuzykaFilmowa, one of the biggest Polish film music websites, and for over 4 years has written reviews, articles and interviewed numerous composers. He is also formerly the host of a radio show about film music for Radio Merkury in Poznan, Poland.

Erik WoodsErik Woods, Cinematic Sound (Canada)
Erik is the host and producer of the soundtrack radio show ’Cinematic Sound.’ The show is heard exclusively on-line and on-demand after spending its first ten years on terrestrial radio at C101.5 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Erik has a broadcast journalism diploma from Mohawk College and has spent his professional career in the video production industry working as a producer, camera operator and editor. Erik is currently the owner of the video production company, Woods Digital Media, and is also co-owner of the award winning amateur film company, TEWS Entertainment.

Łukasz WudarskiŁukasz Wudarski, (Poland)
Łukasz has been connected with film music since 2004. He is a graduate student in history of art from Nicholaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. For over 4 years he has written reviews, articles and interviewed composers for the biggest film music web site in Poland,

Conrado XalabarderConrado Xalabarder, MundoBSO (Spain)
Conrado is a specialist in film music. Author of two books and numerous articles on the subject, he is film music critic at Fotogramas, the most widely read film magazine in Spain, and at the magazine of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain. He teaches film music at two Universities in Barcelona and gives numerous lectures in Spain, he is the webmaster of and coordinates the Jerry Goldsmith Awards, held at the Ubeda Film Music Festival.

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    Your website mentions the Awards archive as the link to get the guidelines but I can’t find any file referring to it.
    I would really appreciate it if you could help me find more information.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Lelimar Blanco 10 March 2014 at 9:58 pm #


    As Rodrigo Flores’ inquiry, I have the same question as to how the composers are selected or how can they submit their work for consideration.

    I am writing from Puerto Rico because we have an exceptional composer Gerónimo Mercado who I am sure will one day be included in these nominations.

    If you could send me information for the submission or selection I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

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